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New form is made, Faërie begins; Man becomes

a sub-creator.

J. R. R. Tolkien

Like Tolkien, I believe that creation is a form of worship. Like J. S. Bach, I sign all of these works S.D.G, soli deo gloria. So here’s a list of things I’ve created, or am creating.


A symphonic suite or tone poem that describes impressions taken from the creation story as told in Genesis 1, with some Job and Psalms for flavor.

The Unseen Realm (Score)

Original score for a full-length documentary film adaptation of Michael S. Hesier’s book _The Unseen Realm_.

Bible Agent 7 (Score)

Bible Agent 7 is the first full-length cartoon short produced by Faithlife Kids. It’s sort of like Kim Possible meets Get Smart meets Sunday School, and the music is Mancini meets me.

Corona Flute Contest (2018)

My entrants into the 2018 Corona Conservatory of Music “Composer Club Challenge” composition contest. One loser, one winner.

Train to Denali

Wheels hammer lopsided rhythms down the track, repetitive yet evolving. Natural wonders parade by: wandering streams, shocks of birch and aspen, bear and moose under sprawling gray skies. We watch with bated breath as we round every bend, for any moment it might peek through. A monstrous wave struck by a magic harpoon, frozen, cresting forever over the lonely tundra: Denali, the “Great one.”

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