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Bible Agent 7 (Score)

Animated kid’s cartoon • 3 episodes

I always wanted to work in cartoons.

My day job is as a software designer for a software and media company called Faithlife (all opinions my own, thankyouverymuch). The “media” portion of that includes a production company called Faithlife Films, which produces Christian content for kids and adults, for the company’s online streaming service, Faithlife TV. Bible Agent 7 is the first full-length cartoon short the company produced. It’s sort of like Kim Possible meets Get Smart meets Sunday School.

Yes, I know it’s spelled wrong.

The head animator/director happened to know that I went to (some) school for music and that I compose for fun. He wanted a retro-modern feel. My first attempt was a little too “corderoy pants and long sideburns” as they put it. You can hear that fun little failure, which I renamed Courderoy Sideburns and you can hear on Soundcloud.

I went back to the drawing board, took out a little bit of the Mancini and put in a little bit more 70s and 80s Saturday morning cartoon vibes, and it was a hit. Then I made themes for each character. In the end, I chose a different ensemble and genre for each one. Bible Agent 7 herself is mostly bass guitar and Hammond-esque organ. An older dog-in-a-trenchcoat character’s named The Nose comes with more experimental jazz — an upright bass, flutes and saxaphones, and a vibraphone here and there. The sock-puppet pirate (don’t ask) brings sea-inspired shanties and ditties with piccolo, pipes, strand piano, concertina, jaw harp, and hand claps. The computer usually comes with marimba and strings. Finally, the comic relief character, a robot bird named Spark, has glitchy 8-bit themes that I built on top of Commodore 64 and Super Nintendo chipset emulators. Every episode has a couple of big story cues, usually Bible story stuff, and then I get to try my hand at ancient desert stuff.

Musically, it’s pretty silly, but then again, it’s a kid’s show. It’s a lot of fun to work on!

That’s how it started … here’s how it finished: I have permission to post the theme song, and this electronic remix I did for the second episode, both of which you can listen to free on Soundcloud, and you can watch the full episodes online at Faithlife TV.

Oh, hey! Looks like you can watch the first episode for free on Youtube.