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Corona Flute Contest (2018)

I don’t enter many contests, because I prefer to have the freedom either a) do whatever I want, or b) get paid for doing what someone else wants. Nevertheless, my online penpal Eric ran a small contest for the members of the Composer Club Facebook group. The pieces would be evaluated by Eric’s wife, who is the director of the Corona Conservatory of Music, and would be for the benefit of her students there. All for a good cause! So I dashed off a solo flute piece and a flute duet, expecting nothing. Turns out, one of them was a winner.

The Winner: Reintegration

Flute duet. Inspired by a major mental health episode that was suffered by a loved one. It was frightening for all involved. This short piece comes in three sections: decay, disintegration, and reintegration. Modern medicine is amazing, y’all. I almost didn’t enter the contest; but I had some time at the last minute while they were in the hospital. I sat down at the keyboard and played this out in about an hour, then spent another hour cleaning it up, then another couple of hours engraving it, and entered at the last minute. And it won its category.

Score and parts are yours to download and play.

Update: I hired flautist ziczuc on Fiverr to record this piece, and so when you listen, that’s not a really great library, it’s a person!

The Loser: A Quiet Path

Solo flute with piano accompaniment. Influenced by Satie’s Gymnopedie Nr 1. The influence will be apparent from the first bars. It’s gentle and flowing; a sort of lullaby. It’s … nice. That is, it’s unchallenging in any way — to play, or to listen to. A perfectly pleasant piece, which I enjoy listening to, but I’m not at all surprised it didn’t win. Made in FL Studio with Spitfire Studio Woodwinds solo flute and EastWest Gold Piano (Bechstein). Sheet music on request (hit me up on Twitter).

You can listen to all the entrants at the IONATE page here.