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Suite for Orchestra and ChorusSheet music & audio • Performance-ready

Years in the making, Creation is an impressionistic jaunt through the creation story as told in Genesis 1 for orchestra and choir. Intended to be both modern and audience-accessible, Creation is a multifaceted work that combines sweeping cinematic themes with inspiring neotonal harmonies and epic proportions. Embracing heaven, earth, and everything in between in all its glorious contradiction, Creation has something for everyone, from the naive to the sentimental, from the absurd to the sublime.

Learn more about it. Read the detailed project teardown of the work as a whole and each of its movements. These provide a mix of oral history, making-of, performance notes, and fodder for program notes — plus random thoughts along the way.

  • Creation: Teardown
  • I. Let There Be Light
  • II. Separation of the Waters
  • III. Leviathan and Behemoth
  • IV. Let the Earth Sprout Vegetation
  • V. Sun, Moon and Stars
  • VI. Swarming with Swarming Things
  • VII. Every Winged Bird
  • VIII. The Great Sea Creatures
  • IX. Beasts (According to Their Kinds)
  • X. Male and Female
  • XI. The Seventh Day

How to get it. Published in 200 by Gusthold Music. Printed score and parts will be available at Subito Music soon. Listen for free on Soundcloud.