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I’m fascinated by Children of the Otter, a collaboration between Russian composer Vladimir Martynov and Tuvan ensemble Huun Huur Tu. I’ve listened to HHT for years, but I wasn’t familiar with Martynov. I will be seeking his works out in the future. Anyway, this album gives me all the feels.

I sometimes make Spotify playlists for inspiration on specific projects. For The Unseen Realm score, I made two. I give them code names, for mystery. I made the first, Project Quantum, when I first met with the directors to watch a rough cut of the film. It had a sort of spacey, cosmic feel. Turns out, the producer wanted a different direction, more grounded in the human elements of the story. “Make me feel something,” he said. “I want people to walk out of this picture hopeful and uplifted, like they’re heroes.” This second list, Project Invisibilis, reflects that updated brief.

At this exact moment I’m listening to Víctor by my Facebook friend and composer Albert Roda. Lovely and sentimental, in the best way.

I’m looking for my next project, which will be for myself, and so I’m listening pretty broadly to catch a mood. Stay tuned!

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